Say hello to our brand new Arnica infused Soap on a Rope!

This generously sized body soap is not only nourishing the skin but adds a touch of sophistication, transforming your bathroom into a personal stylish sanctuary.

Practicality meets opulence

Hang this 207-gram soap effortlessly in your shower, combining practicality with opulence. Loop it around your wrist and massage it into your body, enjoying the soothing arnica infused lather. Alternatively, keep it hanging, creating a rich lather into your hands before applying. 

Soothing Arnica infusion: A luxurious experience

Our body soap is exeptionally soft and gentle on the skin, infused with the soothing benefits of arnica oil. You might recognise arnica from its use in homeopathy, renomned for alleveting bruises and muscle aches. 
Indulge in a cleansing experience that not only pampers the skin but also brings the comfort of arnica to your daily routine.

Created with care: Embrace nature, reduce plastic waste

Crafted with natural ingredients, this soap not only pampers your skin but also aligns with mother nature, contributing to a reduction in plastic waste. Choose a product that cares for both you and the environment, promoting a sustainable and self-care experience.